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Importance of Commercial Cleaning for your Business

At TrueClean LLC, we get it. Having excellent commercial cleaning services is extremely important to the maintenance of your building and your company’s brand image. How your building looks can say a lot to your customers: the type of environment you provide, your level of standards, and how much you care about them, your employees, and your guests. The way you keep your building can determine how much money you spend year-round on replacing and repairing expensive things like flooring and walls.

When it comes to branding, it is extremely important for your company to maintain a positive image in the eyes of the customers you serve. After all, people make conclusions on what they see, hear, and touch, and experience including your building!

Keeping your building clean and looking great helps to maintain a positive brand image. Shiny floors, sanitary bathrooms, and spotless waiting rooms show that you value customer service and respect the people who spend time in your building. That means ensuring that customers have the best experience at your office and it starts with providing a clean and comfortable environment for them. When you are providing an exceptional environment to the people you serve, you are also giving a positive impression: that you are professional and that you mean business.

Just like a picture, the maintenance of your building can say a thousand words. Here are the top 5 things your building will say to customers if it is kept clean and looking great:

  1. Your company values customer service
  2. Your company respects the comfort of its customers, employees, and guests
  3. Your company cares about providing a welcoming atmosphere
  4. Your company has high safe and cleanliness standards
  5. Your company takes ownership in providing the best environment for its people

Now, let us take care of the cleaning and let your building speak for itself.

On the contrary, having a dirty building that looks horrible can create very negative impressions and even damage your brand image. Carpet stains, loose trash, and dirty walls and furniture, shows disrespect as it provides an uncomfortable and unfavorable environment for customers. When you company provides a dirty, messy environment it will appear as though management doesn’t care about cleanliness, doing business, and most importantly their customers experience.

The last thing your company needs to worry about is something that could damage its brand image, which could very well be the looks and maintenance of your building – that’s where we come in. TrueClean LLC can provide professional commercial cleaning services that will make your building look great so that your customers can feel great.

Let us help you to maintain an exceptionally clean building so that you can maintain a lasting positive image!


Building maintenance can be one of the highest overhead costs for companies. However, buildings that are taken care of properly tend to be more sustainable and cost less to maintain in the long-run. If your building is kept well-maintained throughout the year, it will most likely need less replacements and repairs on expensive things such as flooring, walls, and windows, and far less frequently, This can potentially save your company thousands of dollars in the long-run by not wasting money on unnecessary maintenance costs that could be avoided.

Below are examples of building features that can be easily preserved if they are cleaned and maintained properly: 

  • Flooring such as: carpets, vinyl composite tile (VCT) and hardwood
  • Furniture, upholstery, and equipment
  • Walls
  • Windows 
  • Other building fixtures
  • Let us take care of your building so you don’t have to spend as much money on replacing and fixing things. TrueClean LLC provides excellent cleaning services that will maintain your building’s features and keeps it looking great year-round, helping you save money. 

    Also, we offer services throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

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